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jerry Paladino

The songs I sing, produce, and compose represent a portion of what I have learned and loved over the past half century
— Jerry Paladino

I was born in California where I spent roughly the first 3rd of my existence. After a tumultuous adolescence, culminating in a partial participation in the Hippie movement, I turned the reins of my life over to Jesus at age 20 in 1972.

I left the US for South America shortly after to begin training in missionary work and sharing His teachings with my fellow terrestrials. Over the years I have fallen in love with the 3rd world, and learned a lot about the Latin world where I have lived and worked.

Later on to Asia: first to the Philippines for 4 years, and then Japan for 14, and then back to Latin America to complete a total of more than 25 years in Latin lands.


I currently reside in Mexico, and continue serving Jesus as best I know how there, often in a musical capacity, but always as a believer in Jesus and as one looking forward to His “kingdom come and will be done,” throughout the whole “earth as it is in Heaven.”

The songs I sing, produce, and compose represent a portion of what I have learned and loved over the past half century, and I presently look forward to continuing that process of learning, growing, and passing on what I deem worthy, to all who will listen. Welcome to my world, seen through the porthole of this website.

[The photo above is me with my lovely wife and mother of 11 children, with whom I have been enjoying my time on earth immensely, and with whom I look forward to many more years in His employ!]

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These are some sample files from my Song-A-Month program (SAMPROJ)...I’m committed to ONE NEW SONG + ONE NEW VIDEO A MONTH for 2019 … so far I’m on schedule!!


I could use your help to make more!

SIGNUP HERE for this PATREON project:

😍 Make a difference WHERE you are, with WHAT You have ... We ALL have INFLUENCE! 😎 Nobody can stop you from doing random acts of KINDNESS! 🥰 🎷 Special thanks to John Gregory for kindly adding his magical saxophone to this recording!!
✍️We each have something that no one can take away from us, in any situation or circumstance, and that is INFLUENCE.--We and we alone determine how we will affect others, what we will do with the life that we each possess and the state we find ourselves in at any point in time.


☀️ God has shown His great love for humanity since the beginning of everything, and His love is everywhere for those who have eyes to see. He untiringly tries to love and help us in whatever situation we find ourselves, and waits to show that love to whoever opens their hearts and minds to Him.
From Day One, God showed Himself generous to all humans, without regard to race, color, religion, age, national origin or gender. He welcomes all to partake of what He has prepared for humanity. through His son Jesus!!--Come and see! 👍🏻 ☛ This is my July 2019 composition/recording for SAMPROJ (Song-a-Month project).
MAKE TODAY YOUR MASTERPIECE-MEET WITH THE MASTER! Adapted from the poem by Ralph Spaulding Cushman Originally posted on MY WEBSITE: jerry MY MUSIC SITE: WHAT I HAVE FOUND HELPFUL FOR STARTING THE DAY RIGHT: The Kingdom New Testament: A Contemporary Translation - N. T.
We all NEED it, and we've all DONE it ... Let's keep making a difference in this world & in the lives of those we care for, by bringing down His healing touch and power through prayer...Someone wisely said "Prayer isn't the LEAST you can do, it's the MOST you can do" -- especially comforting in those times when we feel helpless regarding what those we love are going through.
The greatest need of humanity, and the greatest service towards individual humans can be summed up in one word: LOVE ... Love it all its forms is what we each so desperately need to survive and thrive on this planet; and amazingly enough it is found everywhere, if we are only able to perceive it.

A musical rendition of THE PARABLE OF THE SOWER from the words of Jesus of Nazareth /LA PARABOLA DEL SEMBRADOR en canción, de las palabras de Jesús de Nazaret

This is my January 2019 composition for the SAMPROJ (SongAMonth project), STORY BEHIND THE SONG: A couple of great 'big picture' books on the subject of JESUS' COMING is God's overarching plan from the very beginning: * The Story of Reality: How the World Began, How It Ends,
Jesus' mission was PEOPLE, Jesus' passion was PEOPLE, and His purpose was PEOPLE ... and though He targeted everybody with His life, but also each of us individually. He is there even now for each and every one of us, knows us each by name, and understands what we're going through.
Happy Mother's Day everyone! I dedicate this song to that most wonderful group of humans who were willing to love a man, gain a treasure in the process, and then spend the rest of their existence loving that special one(s) through the goods times & the bad times.
We LOVE Christmas with all it's imagery and the fascinating details of it all, though it has been somewhat embellished over the centuries (the birth, animals, star, shepherds & wisemen didn't all happen in one night!)
IS THERE LIFE AFTER THIS LIFE? WHO DECIDES WHEN WE LEAVE THIS LIFE? Are you going through a tough time of personal sickness, or watching someone you love as they fight for their lives?

Sign up to PATREON here: Pledge ANY AMOUNT monthly and enjoy ALL NEW MUSIC BEFORE it comes out on my main music sites, as well as the chance to COMMENT & REACT on new songs as demos before finalization, and add your suggestions. Would love to HEAR from you and WORK with you!!

Isn't it great to know that you are LOVED? Is there any better gift in this life that you can give OR receive? May this new year of life for you be filled with love from all directions.
In 1862, the midst of the American Civil War (1861-1865), a time of extreme confusion and chaos in a country divided, and a war that pitted brother against brother, and family against family, Joseph Gilmore wrote the lyrics to this meaningful song.
As crazy as it may seem at times in our troubled world, according to God there is actually a Plan behind everything, which is clearly laid out in the Bible.
In July of 1975 in Brazil, while thinking about a broken relationship that was still painful to me, I received the original composition of this song which has become a bit of a 'classic' in certain circles.
Here is a song I recently received while contemplating on what our world was must have been like BEFORE the drastic change from God's original plan, before we decided we'd rather do things our way.
One of my favorite songs of praise to the One who made us all - so wonderful to know that WE are HIS, and HE is OURS! (Phoebe Knapp/Fanny Crosby)